Foken, T*; Mauder, M; Göckede, M; Liebethal, C; Beyrich, F; Leps, J-P: Processing and quality control of eddy covariance data during LITFASS-2003
Poster, 16th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, Portland, ME: 09.08.2004 - 13.08.2004

During the experiment LITFASS-2003 which took place in a 20x20 km2 area near the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg, Germany, turbulent fluxes of momen-tum, sensible and latent heat were measured at nine agricultural sites, two grassland sites, one forest site, two lake sites, and at two levels of a 100 m tower. The eddy covariance data of all these sites were processed with one software tool including transformations and corrections like planar-fit rotation, Schotanous-correction, Moore-correction, WPL-correction. All fluxes were quality checked on the basis of the tools proposed by Foken and Wichura (1996) and flagged as high quality data, mod-erate quality data and low quality data. Furthermore, for each site the height of possi-ble internal boundary layers was parameterised and the footprint sector was calcu-lated to control if the flux is representative for the specific surface. Considering the data quality the fluxes were used to determine composite time series for different sur-face types to provide validation data for models, and to determine area-averaged fluxes.

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