Foken, T*; Eigenmann, R: Quality controlled data base of the COPS surface energy balance network
Vortrag, 7th COPS Workshop, Collège Doctoral Européen, 46 Boulevard de la Victoire, 67000 Strasbourg, France: 27.10.2008 - 29.10.2008

Each of the sites of the COPS energy balance and flux network will be evaluated by means of quality checks on eddy covariance data as well as for the representativeness of the fluxes of the respective footprints. Therefore, the flux data will be combined with a quality flag which is related to a quantitative error of the flux. To unify this calculations the software package TK2 is used for all stations. Furthermore, each station’s footprint will be evaluated on the basis of a georeferenced land use/cover digital map, which also will be used to check for the existence of internal boundary layers. This information will be provided to the flux data base as additional information for modellers as well for further flux corrections and error analysis. In order to uniform the upload procedure of the flux data of the energy balance instrument group to the WDCC data base, a consistent scheme for its transformation into the required NetCDF/CF data format will be presented on the basis of the energy balance station Fußbach as a paradigm. For this purpose, an overview of the needed input data for the applied automated flux data calculation and transformation routines will be given for the site managers of the energy balance group aiming at providing a quality controlled, unified and standardized flux data base.

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