Thiem, E*; Babel, W; Biermann, T; Chen, X; Ma, W; Yang, K; Ma, Y; Foken, T: Gap Filling of Turbulent Flux Data over a Land and a Lake Surface at Nam Co
Poster, 2nd CAS-CEOP Workshop, Lhasa: 19.07.2010 - 21.07.2010

The energy and matter exchange over the Tibetan Plateau plays an important role in forming and inducing variations of regional weather and climate in East and South Asia, as well as the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation in general. However, the performance of regional models highly depends on the quality of the input data. Data acquisition at high elevation environments such as the Tibetan Plateau is especially challenging, therefore gaps and low quality of eddy covariance data are unavoidable. In this study a gap filling procedure is introduced to improve input data quality. Eddy covariance flux data, measured in the summer of 2009 at the shoreline of a small lake near CAS Nam Co station, are partitioned into contributions from the lake and the land surface. Two models, a hydrodynamic four-layer model and the SVAT (Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transfer) scheme SEWAB are trained to simulate the land use specific fluxes and are then used to fill data gaps. The results indicate that using this procedure improves the quality of input data for regional models.

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