Foken, T*; Falke, Hubert: A calibration system for Krypton hygrometers
Poster, EGU General Assembly 2010, Vienna: 02.05.2010 - 07.05.2010

Krypton hygrometers (KH20, Campbell Sci.) are not very stable in their calibration and are often replaced by IR fast response hygrometers. Nevertheless for low water vapour pressure only these UV hygrometers can be used. Therefore an in-situ calibration system was developed using a variable path length. In contrast to the development of such calibration systems for Lyman-alpha-hygrometers the krypton lamp has two emitted wave lengths. Therefore an effective wave length was defined, which takes into account the different absorption coefficients of both emitted wave lengths. The system was successfully tested and is now commercially available.

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