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Rhizosphere Spatiotemporal Organisation – a Key to Rhizosphere Functions

SPP 2089

Von 09/2018 bis 09/2021

Projektleiter: Doris Vetterlein
Mitarbeiter: Mutez Ali Ahmed, Andrea Carminati, Patrick Duddek

This Priority Programme aims at the identification of spatiotemporal patterns in the rhizosphere and at the explanation of the underlying mechanisms. The key concept of the programme consists of approaching the rhizosphere as a self-organised system. Self-organisation arises from a cascade of feedback loops between root, microbiome and soil. Emerging patterns in the rhizosphere cannot be understood from studying the components in isolation.

The overall hypothesis of the Priority Programme is that resilience emerges from self-organised spatiotemporal pattern formation in the rhizosphere.

rhizospherePP2089 Courtesy Nico Koebernick

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