Amarnath Giriraj: Publikationen

Giriraj, A; Shilpa, G; Jurasinski, G; Jentsch, A; Reddy, C S; Sudhakar, S: Spatial patterns of phytodiversity - assessing vegetation using (dis) similarity measures, Biodiversity - Book 2, Tech Publishers, in press (2011)
Giriraj, A; Babar, Shilpa; Jentsch, A; Sudhakar, S; Murthy, MSR: Spatial and temporal distribution of forest fires in India using satellite remote sensing and GIS, Remote Sensing, 2, 591-610 (2010)
Giriraj, A; Babar, S; Jentsch, A; Sudhakar, S; Murthy, MSR: Tracking fires in India using advanced along track scanning radiometer (A)ATSR data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2(2), 591-610 (2010), doi:10.3390/rs2020591 -- Details
Giriraj, A; Irfan-Ullah, M; Ramesh, BR; Karunakaran, PV; Jentsch, A; Murthy, MSR: Mapping the potential distribution of Rhododendron arboreum Sm. ssp. nilagiricum (Zenker) Tagg (Ericaceae), an endemic plant using ecological niche modelling, Current Science, 94(12), 1605-1612 (2008) -- Details