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Disturbance Ecology

Prof. Dr. Anke Jentsch

Universität Bayreuth

D - 95440 Bayreuth



Universitätsstr. 30

D - 95447 Bayreuth


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Welcome to Disturbance Ecology! Our scientific interest and expertise is in vegetation science, disturbance ecology and ecosystem dynamics, plant biodiversity and community ecology, experiments on effects of climate change and extreme weather events, ecosystem functions, resilience, biogeography, dynamics in protection areas, and ecological novelty. Our research activities include running different collaborative experiments across altitudinal gradients, various biomes and continents - studying extreme drought (DroughtNet), nutrient availability and herbivory (NutNet), climate and land use change (SUSALPS) Our deepest interest is in understanding pulse dynamics in ecology and advancing the frontiers of disturbance theory!

A theory of pulse dynamics and disturbance in ecology.



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