Analytical Chemistry

BayCEER is engaged in the use of the scientific technical discipline Analytical Chemistry.

Tasks include:

  • Performing quantitative chemical analyses for the departments of BayCEER and in case of free capacity for other scientific departments of the University of Bayreuth according to validated analytical methods (own developments, DIN, LUFA, BZE, EPA, etc.)

  • Assisting scientific departments with the choice and application of appropriate methods

Analytical Chemistry abilities include:

  • Elemental Analysis
    Quantitative identification of inorganic compounds ranging from high concentrations to extremely low concentrations in solids and solutions. Facilities available are ICP-OES (and ICP-MS).

  • Non-metal Analysis
    Concentration determination of inorganic ions and the rare organic ions are identified via Ion Exchange Chromatography (IC) und Flow-Injection-Analysis (FIA). Determination of the entire carbon content and/or the entire nitrogen content in solution with the Total Carbon Analyzer (TC). Element Analysis of C, N in solids.

  • Spatially resolved analytics (in collaboration projects)
    Qualitative or quantitative determination of the distribution of chemical elements or species using analytical microscopy approaches such as confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) in combination with metal-sensitive fluorescence dyes, synchrotron-based scanning transmission (soft) X-ray microscopy (STXM)
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