Aktuelle Projekte

  • Analysis of the relative importance of terrain heterogeneity, heterogeneous land use and hetero- geneous forcing on the ABL structure using LES
    Matthias Sühring, Bjoern Maronga, Farah Kanani-Sühring, Linda Voß, Siegfried Raasch [Details]

  • Conditions for horizontal mixing in the atmospheric boundary layer over a heterogeneous land surface by analysis of airborne measurements
    Andreas Lang, Daniel Villagrasa, Jens Bange [Details]

  • Terrain heterogeneity at local and regional scales and its effect on the closure of the surface energy balance
    Jens-Peter Leps, Frank Beyrich [Details]

  • Time scales, scalar similarity and thermally-induced secondary circulations: Implications for the analysis of turbulent flux measurements and for the parameterisation of turbulent fluxes in atmospheric models
    Doojdao Charuchittipan, Thomas Foken [Details]