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Dr. (guest)

Dean Venables

Visiting scientist

At Atmospheric Chemistry - Prof. Zetzsch until 07/2013

The I-NOCHES campaign dealt with the rate coefficient of I2 + NO3 => I + IONO2, the decomposition of IONO2, the rate constant of IO + NO2 => IONO2 and the absorption cross-section and photolysis rate of IONO2. In addition, formation of ultrafine particles was studied. Eoin Wilson and Dean Venables were involved (from Cork University College, supported by the EU within the transnational access of EUROCHAMP-2) and installed an incoherent triplex cavity-enhanced broadband absorption spectrometer and Stefan Schmitt, Christoph Kleinschmitt, and Denis Pöhler from IUP Heidelberg joined the campaign within the DFG unit HALOPROC, installing a cavity-enhanced-DOAS system (CE-DOAS) for IO and NO2 and an external CE-LED absorption instrument for the detection of IONO2 from its thermal decomposition products IO and NO2. Julian Wittmer, Sergej Bleicher and Cornelius Zetzsch supported the campaign from Bayreuth, providing and operating the chamber instrumentation (particle classifier, ozone analyser, NOx/NO analyser and modelling of chemical kinetics).

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