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Ana Maria Geller: Publications

Geller, AM; Krüger, HU; Liu, Q; Zetzsch, C; Elend, M; Preiss, A: Quantitative 1H NMR-analysis of technical octabrominated diphenylether DE-79TM and UV spectra of its components and photolytic transformation products, Chemosphere, 73, 44-52 (2008)
Geller, AM; Krüger, HU; Palm, W; Zetzsch, C: Identification of polybrominated dibenzofurans from photolysis of decabromodiphenylether by UV spectroscopy, Organohalogen Compounds, 68, 2019-2022 (2006)
Preiß, A; Elend, M; Geller, AM; Liu, Q; Krüger, HU; Zetzsch, C: Analysis of octabrominated diphenylether DE-79 by 1HNMR, UV Spectra and photolytic transformation, Organohalogen Compounds, 67, 462-466 (2005)