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Andreas Held: Publications

Peer-reviewed journals
-- 2022 --
Kernchen, S; Löder, MGJ; Fischer, F; Fischer, D; Moses, SR; Georgi, C; Nölscher, AC; Held, A; Laforsch, C: Airborne microplastic concentrations and deposition across the Weser River catchment, Science of the Total Environment (2022), doi:doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.151812 [Link] -- Details
-- 2021 --
Nabavi, SO; Nölscher, AC; Samimi, C; Thomas, C; Haimberger, L; Lüers, J; Held, A: Site-Scale modelling of surface ozone in Northern Bavaria using machine learning algorithms, regional dynamic models, and a hybrid model, Environmental Pollution (2021), doi:doi.org/10.1016/j.envpol.2020.115736 [Link] -- Details
-- 2017 --
Brüggemann, M; Poulain, L; Held, A; Stelzer, T; Zuth, C; Richters, S; Mutzel, A; van Pinxteren, D; Iinuma, Y; Katkevica, S; Rabe, R; Herrmann, H; Hoffmann, T: Real-time detection of highly oxidized organosulfates and BSOA marker compounds during the F-BEACh 2014 field study, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17, 1453–1469 (2017), doi:10.5194/acp-17-1453-2017
Karl, T; Graus, M; Striednig, M; Lamprecht, C; Hammerle, A; Wohlfahrt, G; Held, A; von der Heyden, L; Deventer, MJ; Krismer, A; Haun, C; Feichter, R; Lee, J: Urban eddy covariance measurements reveal significant missing NOx emissions in Central Europe, Scientific Reports, 7, 2536 (2017), doi:10.1038/s41598-017-02699-9 [Link]
-- 2016 --
Dötterl, S; Vater, M; Rupp, T; Held, A: Ozone differentially affects perception of plant volatiles in western honey bees, Journal of Chemical Ecology, 42, 486-489 (2016), doi:10.1007/s10886-016-0717-8
Kamilli, KA; Ofner, J; Krause, T; Sattler, T; Schmitt-Kopplin, Ph; Eitenberger, E; Friedbacher, G; Lendl, B; Lohninger, H; Schöler, H; Held, A: How salt lakes affect atmospheric new particle formation: A case study in Western Australia, Sci. Total Environment, 573, 985-995 (2016)
Ofner, J; Deckert-Gaudig, T; Kamilli, KA; Held, A; Lohninger, H; Deckert, V; Lendl, B: Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of atmospherically relevant aerosol nanoparticles, Analytical Chemistry, 88, 9766-9772 (2016), doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.6b02760
Sun, S; Moravek, A; von der Heyden, L; Held, A; Sörgel, M; Kesselmeier, J: Twin-cuvette measurement technique for investigation of dry deposition of O3 and PAN to plant leaves under controlled humidity conditions, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 9, 599-617 (2016), doi:10.5194/amt-9-599-2016
-- 2015 --
Buxmann, J; Bleicher, S; Platt, U; von Glasow, R; Sommariva, R; Held, A; Zetzsch, C; Ofner, J: Consumption of reactive halogen species from sea-salt aerosol by secondary organic aerosol: slowing down the bromine explosion, Environmental Chemistry, 12, 476–488 (2015), doi:10.1071/EN14226
Deventer, MJ; Held, A; El-Madany, TS; Klemm, O: Size-resolved eddy covariance fluxes of nucleation to accumulation mode aerosol particles over a coniferous forest, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 214-215, 328-340 (2015)
Kamilli, KA; Ofner, J; Lendl, B; Schmitt-Kopplin, Ph; Held, A: New particle formation above a simulated salt lake in aerosol chamber experiments, Environmental Chemistry, 12, 489-503 (2015), doi:10.1071/EN14225
Ofner, J; Kamilli, KA; Eitenberger, E; Friedbacher, G; Lendl, B; Held, A; Lohninger, H: Chemometric analysis of multisensor hyperspectral images of precipitated atmospheric particulate matter, Analytical Chemistry, 87, 9413-9420 (2015), doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.5b02272 -- Details
Plake, D; Sörgel, M; Stella, P; Held, A; Trebs, I: Influence of meteorology and anthropogenic pollution on chemical flux divergence of the NO-NO2-O3 triad above and within a natural grassland canopy, Biogeosciences, 12, 945–959 (2015), doi:10.5194/bg-12-945-2015
Plake, D; Stella, P; Moravek, A; Mayer, JC; Ammann, C; Held, A; Trebs, I: Comparison of ozone deposition measured with the dynamic chamber and the eddy covariance method, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 206, 97-112 (2015), doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2015.02.014
Sörgel, M; Trebs, I; Wu, D; Held, A: A comparison of measured HONO uptake and release with calculated source strengths in a heterogeneous forest environment, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15, 9237–9251 (2015), doi:10.5194/acp-15-9237-2015
-- 2014 --
Bartolomei, V; Sörgel, M; Gligorovski, S; Gomez Alvarez, E; Gandolfo, A; Strekowski, R; Quivet, E; Held, A; Zetzsch, C; Wortham, H: Formation of indoor nitrous acid (HONO) by light-induced NO2 heterogeneous reactions with white wall paint, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21, 9259-9269 (2014), doi:10.1007/s11356-014-2836-5
Gonser, S; Klein, F; Birmili, W; Größ, J; Kulmala, M; Manninen, HE; Wiedensohler, A; Held, A: Ion – particle interactions during particle formation and growth at a coniferous forest site in central Europe, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 10547-10563 (2014), doi:10.5194/acp-14-10547-2014 [Link] -- Details
Held, A: Spectral analysis of turbulent aerosol fluxes by Fourier transform, wavelet analysis, and multiresolution decomposition, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 151, 79-94 (2014), doi:10.1007/s10546-013-9889-8
Kamilli, KA; Poulain, L; Held, A; Nowak, A; Birmili, W; Wiedensohler, A: Hygroscopic properties of the Paris urban aerosol in relation to its chemical composition, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 737-749 (2014), doi:10.5194/acp-14-737-2014 -- Details
Niedermeier, N; Held, A; Müller, T; Heinold, B; Schepanski, K; Tegen, I; Kandler, K; Ebert, M; Weinbruch, S; Read, K; Lee, J; Fomba, KW; Müller, K; Herrmann, H; Wiedensohler, A: Mass deposition fluxes of Saharan mineral dust to the tropical northeast Atlantic Ocean: an intercomparison of methods, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 2245-2266 (2014), doi:10.5194/acp-14-2245-2014 -- Details
Tjernström, M; Leck, C; Birch, CE; Brooks, BJ; Brooks, IM; Bäcklin, L; Chang, RY-W; Granath, E; Graus, M; Hansel, A; Heintzenberg, J; Held, A; Hind, A; de la Rosa, S; Johnston, P; Knulst, J; de Leeuw, G; Di Liberto, L; Martin, M; Matrai, PA; Mauritsen, T; Müller, M; Norris, SJ; Orellana, MV; Orsini, DA; Paatero, J; Gao, Q; Rauschenberg, C; Ristovski, Z; Sedlar, J; Shupe, MD; Sierau, B; Sirevaag, A; Sjogren, S; Stetzer, O; Swietlicki, E; Szczodrak, M; Vaattovaara, P; Wahlberg, N; Westberg, M; Wheeler, CR: The Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study (ASCOS): overview and experimental design, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14, 2823–2869 (2014), doi:10.5194/acp-14-2823-2014
-- 2013 --
Gonser, S; Held, A: A chemical analyzer for charged ultrafine particles, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 2339–2348 (2013), doi:10.5194/amt-6-2339-2013 -- Details
Ofner, J; Kamilli, KA; Held, A; Lendl, B; Zetzsch, C: Halogen-induced organic aerosol (XOA): A study on ultra-fine particle formation and time-resolved chemical characterization, Faraday Discussions, 165, 135-149 (2013), doi:10.1039/C3FD00093A
-- 2011 --
Held, A; Brooks, IM; Leck, C; Tjernström, M: On the potential contribution of open lead particle emissions to the central Arctic aerosol concentration, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 3093-3105 (2011), doi:10.5194/acp-11-3093-2011 [Link]
Held, A; Orsini, DA; Vaattovaara, P; Tjernström, M; Leck, C: Near-surface profiles of aerosol number concentration and temperature over the Arctic Ocean, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 4, 1603-1616 (2011), doi:10.5194/amt-4-1603-2011 [Link]
Katata, G; Nagai, H; Zhang, L; Held, A; Serca, D; Klemm, O: Development of an atmosphere-soil-vegetation model for investigation of radioactive materials transport in the terrestrial biosphere, Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology, 2, 530-537 (2011)
Patton, EG; Horst, TW; Sullivan, PP; Lenschow, DH; Oncley, SP; Brown, WOJ; Burns, SP; Guenther, A; Held, A; Karl, T; Mayor, S; Rizzo, L; Spuler, SM; Sun, J; Turnipseed, A; Allwine, EJ; Edburg, SL; Lamb, BK; Avissar, R; Calhoun, RJ; Kleissl, J; Massman, W; Paw U, KT; Weil, JC: The Canopy Horizontal Array Turbulence Study (CHATS), Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 92, 593-611 (2011), doi:10.1175/2010BAMS2614.1
Sörgel, M; Regelin, E; Bozem, H; Diesch, J-M; Drewnick, F; Fischer, H; Harder, H; Held, A; Hosaynali-Beygi, Z; Martinez-Harder, M; Zetzsch, C: Quantification of the unknown HONO daytime source and its relation to NO2, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 10433-10447 (2011), doi:10.5194/acp-11-10433-2011
Sörgel, M; Trebs, I; Serafimovich, A; Moravek, A; Held, A; Zetzsch, C: Simultaneous HONO measurements in and above a forest canopy: influence of turbulent exchange on mixing ratio differences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 841-855 (2011) -- Details
-- 2009 --
Held, A; Rathbone, GJ; Smith, JN: A thermal desorption chemical ionization ion trap mass spectrometer for the chemical characterization of ultrafine aerosol particles, Aerosol Science and Technology, 43, 264-272 (2009)
-- 2008 --
Boy, M; Karl, T; Turnipseed, A; Mauldin, RL; Kosciuch, E; Greenberg, J; Rathbone, GJ; Smith, JN; Held, A; Barsanti, KC; Wehner, B; Bauer, S; Wiedensohler, A; Bonn, B; Kulmala, M; Guenther, A: New particle formation in the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8, 1577-1590 (2008)
Held, A; Patton, EG; Rizzo, L; Smith, JN; Turnipseed, A; Guenther, A: Relaxed eddy accumulation simulations of aerosol number fluxes and potential proxy scalars, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 129, 451-468 (2008)
Held, A; Zerrath, A; McKeon, U; Fehrenbach, T; Niessner, R; Plass-Dülmer, C; Kaminski, U; Berresheim, H; Pöschl, U: Aerosol size distributions measured in urban, rural and high-alpine air with an electrical low pressure impactor (ELPI), Atmospheric Environment, 42, 8502-8512 (2008)
Books and Book Chapters
Held, A; Deventer, MJ; Meixner, FX; Schmitt, S; Sörgel, M; Voß, L; Wolff, V: Reactive Trace Gas and Aerosol Fluxes in Foken, T.: Energy and Matter Fluxes of a Spruce Forest Ecosystem, Springer(Ecological Studies Vol. 229), 181-208 (2017), doi:10.1007/978-3-319-49389-3_9 [Link] -- Details
Sörgel, M; Riederer, M; Held, A; Plake, D; Zhu, Z; Foken, T; Meixner, FX: Trace Gas Exchange at the Forest Floor in Foken, T.: Energy and Matter Fluxes of a Spruce Forest Ecosystem, Springer(Ecological Studies Vol. 229), 157-179 (2017), doi:10.1007/978-3-319-49389-3_8 [Link] -- Details
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