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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Junior Professorship Atmospheric Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Anke Nölscher

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Last sampling for Maikes Maize experiment.

Installation_Maike+Julia News Cuvette Mais

1st sampling by Julia & Maike.             Insight in the leaf-cuvette.                  Chamber set-up in Maize field.


Start of new Thesis projects:

Bachelor: Maike Rieger explores VOC emissions from mais species under drought conditions.  Pia Goecke searches for atmospheric microplastic in snow samples.

Master: Kenny Rautenberg supports the development of novel methods for sampling, separation and analysis of ultrafine particles.

2021/03/29 New AtChem-Team member

Welcome, Elisabeth Eckenberger! New PhD-student working on ultrafine particle sampling and analysis methods.

Project webpage


Two containers for our new UFP-measurement stations are delivered to Bayreuth. They are prepared and tested here, and finally moved on March 31st to their final destinations in Freising and Hallbergmoos. We aim for scanning the air in close vicinity to Munich airport for particles in the range of 10-800 nm (UFP-MUC Webseite).

The arrival of the two UFP-measurement containers in Bayreuth.


Julius Seidler names the two containers „Boreas“ and „Notos“.

2021/02/01 New AtChem-Team members

Our team is growing! Welcome, Ines Bamberger (Postdoc) and Markus Friedrich (Technician)!


Three Geoecology-students start their Bachelor Theses in our lab: Lina Reichert explore moss emissions in the plant chamber, Johanna Glaß detects vertical profiles of ozone and nitrogen oxides in urban and forest environments and Alexander Weiß  develops a method to determine VOC-emissions from soils (pictures - left to right)

Juniorprofessur Atmosphärische Chemie News News



Shubhi Arora starts her Master Thesis on spatial and temporal variations in air quality in Bayreuth. She analyses datasets of ozone and nitrogen oxides, which are recorded on characteristically varied locations in Bayreuth. Her Thesis is part of the MiSKOR project.

Project webside MiSKOR

Shubhi  News

2020/02/01 Photo challenge

Here are the most impressive pictures of this year's atmospheric photo challenge (Lecture Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry for the Masters "Environmental Chemistry" and "Geoecology".)

Campus Uni Bayreuth - Anna Zanina

Fuchsturm Hausberg - Sophie Arzberger

Kalifornien Exkursion - Lukas Gerber


2020/01/01 New AtChem-Team member

Julius Seidler starts his PhD. Welcome!


2019/04/01 Start of new Juniorprofessor

The AtChem-Group is restarting with Anke Nölscher as a new Juniorprofessor at the University of Bayreuth.



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