Server for environmental observation data

Main characteristics

  • Implementation of an observation schema to store observation time series
  • Batch aggregation of measurement values based on event times
  • Aggregation with delayed out of order handling
  • XML-RPC client interface

BayEOS-Server backend is build up out of a PostgreSQL database and a XML-RPC-Applicationlayer. The data is organized hierarichal like in a file system. Flexible access control list enables fine grained user rights. Metadata is organized sparately and linked to the data via references. References get inherited via the tree.

Installation and Sources

Like all BayEOS components, BayEOS-server is build up of OpenSource components. It can be installed without licence fees as many times as you want. Generally BayEOS-Server can run on all current Linux distributions. However we recommend the usage of Debian/Ubuntu. For Debian/Ubuntu BayCEER-IT releases packages:

Installation guide and source

Administration hints

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