BayEOS-R Use Cases

Calculation of soil temperature mean

Event4 WS

This fundamental use case shows how to calculate the mean of two series and store the results back into BayEOS Server.

Download R-Script


CO2 flux calculation

Haubenanlage ELUB759

An advance use case to calculate the C02 flux during the closing of one chamber. The flux is determined by a linear regression function.

Download R-Script

Snow Height Signal Smoothing Plots


Sample R script to smooth a noisy ultrasonic snow height signal. The script shows how to apply the LOWESS algorithm to produce a new series. The output plot generates a PNG file and shows how to combine the original and the smoothed series.

Download R-Skript

Webservice Query and Import

VoitsumraA small script to query the tabular data of a weather station. The data is retrieved by a webservice query, stored as a temporary file and imported. The script can be used as blueprint for own import jobs.

Download R-Script


Campbell Data Logger as Data Provider


A sample script which polls a logger for new data over HTTP and parses the JSON response in a new data frame. The package function bayeos.import pushes the frame into a BayEOS Server.

Download R-Skript

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