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Stabilization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in mineral subsoils as indicated by spectroscopic properties and the Al saturation


From 10/2000 to 09/2002

Principal Investigator: Egbert Matzner
Staff: Karsten Kalbitz, Juliane Schmerwitz, David Schwesig
Grant: MA-1089/8-1 Schwerpunktprogramm Boden als Quelle und Senke für CO2 - Mechanismen und Regulation der Stabilisierung organischer Substanz in Böden

Although large amounts of dissolved organic matter (DOM) are leached from the forest floor into mineral subsoils little is known about the contribution of (DOM) to the formation of stabilized organic matter in the subsoil. The objective of this project is an estimation of DOM stabilization in dependence on DOM properties. Incubation studies with DOM solutions and soil columns enriched with DOM are carried out to reveal relations between DOM properties and its microbial stability. Soils and DOM samples come from experimental plots of the BITÖK near Bayreuth and the fertilization experiments in Bad Lauchstädt. We use spectroscopic methods which allow a determination of DOM properties of the untreated DOM sample with a limited expense. Furthermore we test the influence of Al saturation on the microbial stability of DOM. C and N turnover in the subsoil caused by DOM will be quantified by measuring d13C and d15N ratios of DOM and subsoil organic matter. The results obtained in the laboratory will be combined with DOM fluxes measured in the field to estimate the net accumulation of DOM in mineral subsoils.

Homepage: http://www.bitoek.uni-bayreuth.de/dfg-spp/

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