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Predicting recovery in acidified freshwaters by the year 2010, and beyond


From 04/2000 to 03/2003

Principal Investigator: Egbert Matzner
Staff: Christine Alewell, Elisabeth Herrmann, Annette Prechtel, Dorothea Wiesner
Grant: RECOVER 2010 Predicting recovery in acidified freshwaters beyond 2010

RECOVER:2010 is designed to assess the impact of current and future anthropogenic pressures on sensitive European freshwater ecosystems. Initially, it will evaluate the present extent of recovery of acidified freshwaters, and identify and quantify the dominant driving processes governing the timing and magnitude of recovery. Subsequently, the predictive capability of existing biogeochemical models such as MAGIC7 will be improved through enhanced process representation and the incorporation of linkages between hydrochemical changes and biological impacts. Pan-European application of the models to different ecosystem types, will evaluate the degree of compliance with respect to restoration of acidified waters by the year 2010, as specified under the Water Framework Directive. Similarly, agreed and proposed UN-ECE protocols on emissions control will be critically assessed, and economic costs and environmental benefits evaluated, with respect to the recovery of freshwaters. The project also aims to develop an end-user focus group linking research and policy, and so enhance the relevance of the project.

List of publications of this Project

Alewell, C: Predicting reversibility of acidification: The European sulfur story., Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 130, 1271-1276 (2001)
Wright, R; Alewell, C; Cullen, JM; Evans, CD; Marchetto, A; Moldan, F; Prechtel, A; Rogora, M: Trends in nitrogen deposition and leaching in acid-sensitive streams in Europe, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 5, 299-310 (2001) -- Details
Prechtel, A; Alewell, C; Armbruster, M; Bittersohl, J; Cullen, JM; Evans, CD; Heliwell, R; Kopácek, J; Marchetto, A; Matzner, E; Meesenburg, H; Moldan, F; Moritz, K; Vesely, J; Wright, R: Response of sulphur dynamics in European catchments to decreasing sulphate deposition, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 5, 311-325 (2001) -- Details
Prechtel, A; Alewell, C; Evans, C; Matzner, E: Dynamik der Schwefel-Vorräte bewaldeter Einzugsgebiete Europas bei nachlassender Sulfatdeposition, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft, 96, 261-262 (2001)
Alewell, C; Armbruster, M; Bittersohl, J; Evans, CD; Meesenburg, H; Moritz, K; Prechtel, A: Are there signs of acidification reversal in freshwater of the low mountain ranges in Germany?, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 5, 367-378 (2001) -- Details
Alewell, C; Manderscheid, B; Bittersohl, J; Meesenburg, H: Is acidification still an ecological threat?, Nature, 407, 856-857 (2000) -- Details
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