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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department Soil Ecology - Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff

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Robert Vogt: Publications

Peer-reviewed journals
Matschonat, G; Vogt, R: Significance of the total cation concentration in acid forest soils for the solution composition and the saturation of exchange sites, Geoderma, 84, 289-307 (1998) -- Details
Matschonat, G; Vogt, R: Effects of changes in pH, ionic strength, and sulphate concentration on the CEC of temperate acid forest soils, European Journal of Soil Science, 48, 163-171 (1997) -- Details
Matschonat, G; Vogt, R: Assessment of a laboratory method to obtain the equilibrium solution composition of forest soils, European Journal of Soil Science, 48, 545-552 (1997) -- Details
Vogt, R; Matschonat, G: Patterns of soil solution composition in acid forest soils: differences between undisturbed and bulk samples, Z. Pflanzenernährung Bodenkunde, 160, 549-554 (1997) -- Details
Matschonat, G; Vogt, R: Equilibrium solution composition and exchange properties of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples from an acid forest soil, Plant and Soil, 183, 171-179 (1996) -- Details
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