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Liu, C; Ilvesniemi, H; Berg, B; Kutsch, W; Yang, Y; Ma, X; Westman, CJ: Aboveground litterfall in Eurasian forests, Journal of Forestry Research, 14, 27-34 (2003)
With a data set of Eurasian forest litter fall based on 471 stands, annual litterfall was estimated tobe 6.53 Pg dm.a-1 (1 Pg = 10 hoch15 g; dm, dry matter) in Eurasian forests, of which more than half occured in tropical and subtropical forests, and a third in the boreal area. With litterfall, around 2.94 Pg C per year is transferred from the forest vegetation to the soil on this continent. Keywords: carbon flux, Eurasian forests, litterfall
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