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Huang, J-H; Klemm, O: Atmospheric speciation of ionic organotin, organolead and organomercury compounds in NE Bavaria (Germany), Atmospheric Environment, 38, 5013-5023 (2004)
Organotin (OTC), organolead (OLC) and organomercury (OMC) compounds are highly toxic and exhibit a potential negative effect on terrestrial ecosystems. Individual ionic OTC, OLC and OMC compounds were identified and their concentrations determined in the gas phase, aerosol particles, and bulk precipitation at a rural (Waldstein) and an urban (Bayreuth city) site in NE-Bavaria. At both sites, butyltins, methyltins, octyltins, trimethyllead and monomethylmercury concentrations in the gas phase were (determined as corresponding Sn, Pb and Hg concentrations, respectively) with the dominance of tri- and di-substituted OTC and octyltins. The same species were found in bulk precipitation with concentrations (Sn, Pb, Hg) with the dominance of mono-substituted OTC. In aerosols, only butyltins, dimethyltin and monomethyltin () were found and mono-substituted OTC predominated. No significant difference of concentrations of organometallic compounds in the atmosphere at the two sites was found. For OTC, the washout factors was in the order: mono-di->tri-substituted OTC, and the gas/particle partition coefficients were mono-di-tri-substituted OTC. The distribution spectrum of OTC in aerosols showed the strong linkage of OTC to the long-lived particles and high accumulation of OTC in the filter at the Waldstein site. The results indicate that long-range-transport of organometallic compounds in the atmosphere is an important source at our both sites. Aerosol particles may serve as a sink in the chemical cycles of OTC in the atmosphere, especially for monomethyltin and monobutyltin. Keywords: Ionic organotin; Trimethyllead; Monomethylmercury; Gas; Aerosol; Bulk precipitation; Waldstein; Bayreuth
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