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Matzner, E; Prenzel, J: Acid deposition in the German Solling area: effects on soil solution chemistry and Al mobilization, Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 61, 221-234 (1992)
The A1 chemistry of soil solutions was evaluated in two forest ecosystems in the North-German Solling area which is heavily impacted by acidic deposition. The principal H + buffering process in these soils is the release of A1 ions. Within the stand of Norway spruce, A1 concentrations increase with soil depth up to 370 umol/L. Ca/Al ratios of the soil solution decrease with depth and suggest high risk of A1 toxicity to tree roots and potential antagonistic effects for ion uptake. The A1 concentrations of the soil solution in the upper horizons do not appear to be in equilibrium with mineral phases of Gibbsite, Alunite and Jurbanite as suggested by the depth gradients and temporal patterns in ion activity products. Depletion of extractable soil A1 in the upper horizons is occuring. The release of A1 to the soil solution under these conditions seems to be restricted by kinetic constraints.
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