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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Department Soil Ecology - Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff

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Göttlein, A; Lindenmair, J; Kuhn, AJ: Experimental approaches for studying rhizosphere chemistry and nutrient uptake of tree roots by in-situ methods in Horst, WJ et al.: Plant Nutrition - Food Security and Sustainability of Agro-Ecosystems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 536-537 (2001)
Most of the up to now work studying rhizosphere chemistry and nutrient uptake has been done with agricultural crops. It is a big challenge to adopt and improve experimental methods for the special needs when investigating tree roots. In this paper we present our new methodological approaches, micro suction cups and root chambers, and show their benefit for a better understanding of nutrient dynamics with an example of the element K.
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