Investigation of carbon turnover in grassland sites in Northern Bavarian low mountain ranges under extreme climate conditions


From 06/2009

Principal Investigator: Thomas Foken, Yakov Kuzyakov
Staff: Michael Riederer

Grasslands of low mountain ranges are considered to be effective carbon storages. The relation of carbon flux between atmosphere and grassland vegetation respectively the ground are investigated in situ under extreme weather conditions (extreme drought) in the Northern Bavarian low mountain range. It can be expected that different plants on one site change their photosynthetic activity and their translocation of assimilates from leaves to soil and to roots. On the basis of the evaluation of reaction of single plant species and the below-ground processes on drought stability of grassland composition respectively resilience of the ecosystem under extreme events can be forecasted. Adaptation strategies for grassland ecosystems will be developed under climatic extreme events.

last modified 2011-11-09