Active Projects

  • Nutrient competition (N, C) between plants and microorganisms in resource-limited grassland ecosystems under extreme weather events
    Marco T. Lara Jiménez, Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Investigation of carbon turnover in grassland sites in Northern Bavarian low mountain ranges under extreme climate conditions
    Michael Riederer, Thomas Foken, Yakov Kuzyakov [Details]

  • Impacts of extreme climatic events on disturbance regimes in mountain forests
    Klara Dolos, Björn Reineking [Details]

  • Climate-induced invasions of native and alien aquatic plant species
    Markus Hoffmann, Tobias Klein, Arnulf Melzer, Uta Raeder, Stefan Zimmermann [Details]

  • Short-term impacts and long-term consequences of extreme climatic years on forest ecosystems on extreme edaphic sites in Bavaria
    Cathrin Meinardus, Achim Bräuning [Details]

  • Impact of climate change on ecological functional services of grassland and peatland ecosystems
    Jan Heinichen, Matthias Drösler [Details]

  • Ecological gradient of altitude based on different species groups in natural forest stands of the Bavarian Forest
    Anton Fischer, Markus Blaschke, Helge Walentowski [Details]

  • Impact of climate change on alpine grassland ecosystems: An in situ climate change experiment in the Ammer catchment area
    Olivia Kreyling, Sebastian Unteregelsbacher, Hans-Peter Schmid, Ingrid Kögel-Knabner, Hans Papen [Details]

  • Impacts of climate change on the vegetation of the alpine zone – A historical and functional analysis as basis for future changes
    Sergey Rosbakh, Peter Poschlod [Details]

  • Modelling mortality of main tree species on whole-tree and stand level depending on environmental conditions
    Tobias Mette, Peter Biber, Hans Pretzsch, Thomas Rötzer [Details]

  • Combined effects of climate change, extreme events and habitat fragmentation to diurnal butterflies and trophic interactions
    Annette Leingärtner, Bernhard Hoiß, Jochen Krauss, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter [Details]

  • Climate change and extreme events threaten plant-pollinator-networks
    Gita Benadi, Hans-Joachim Poethke, Thomas Hovestadt, Nico Blüthgen [Details]

  • Ecological impacts on phenology of the Bavarian vegetation due to recent climate change
    Christine Cornelius, Christoph Schleip, Annette Menzel [Details]

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