Nutrient competition (N, C) between plants and microorganisms in resource-limited grassland ecosystems under extreme weather events


From 09/2009

Principal Investigator: Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe
Staff: Marco T. Lara Jiménez

Nutrient-poor sand soil ecosystems provide a good model for resource-limited ecosystems. The influence of extreme climatic events (drought, torrential rain) on C and N fluxes should be analysed in these sensible ecosystems. Due to different availability of nitrogen effects on competition between species and shifts of hierarchical structure can be expected. The role of mycorrhiza on nitrogen-balance in nutrient-poor ecosystems should be quantified as well as the competition between plants and microorganisms on nitrogen and carbon. The main aim of this project is an improved evaluation of functional services of nutrient-poor ecosystems after extreme climatic events.

last modified 2011-11-16