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Investigating drought traits in sorghum landraces - A lysimetric experiment in four soil textures

Anna Sauer (02/2019-06/2020)

Betreuer: Mutez Ali Ahmed, Andrea Carminati, Jana Kholova

Water availability is a primary limitation to crop production and depends on water input and soil texture, among others. A huge variety of sorghum landraces promises unexplored traits to overcome water stress, like high transpiration efficiency or early maturity.

 To test these, four sorghum landraces and one elite line were grown in four soil textures in a lysimetric facility in ICRISAT, India. Nitrogen fertilization was either added by mineralized or organic sources. The soil was dried down to 30 % usable field capacity. Weekly measured transpiration and data of biomass, plant development, yield and more will be analyzed and may reveal traits to overcome drought stress.

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