Department of Animal Ecology
PD Dr. Bernhard Stadler
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Bernhard Stadler: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Aphid induced process cascades in the canopy of forest trees under elevated CO2-concentrations (DFG: STA 521/3-1)
    Kristin Strobel, Bernhard Stadler [Details]

  • Struktur von Lebensgemeinschaften in Baumstümpfen und zeitliche Dynamik von Nährstoffzyklen (BITÖK-B1)
    Bernhard Stadler [Details]

  • Effects of exotic pest species on insect community structure and vital ecosystem processes (HF2)
    Bernhard Stadler [Details]

  • Spatial variability in the flow of nutrients through the canopy of Hemlock trees infested with the Hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) (HF)
    Bernhard Stadler [Details]

  • Ecology of aphids in relation to ecosystem processes (DOC, DON-flows) in an oak-beech forest stand (BITÖK-B 2)
    Beate Michalzik, Bernhard Stadler [Details]

  • Aphids on Norway spruce and their potential role for C and N-fluxes in forest ecosystems (BITÖK-N 3)
    Beate Michalzik, Bernhard Stadler [Details]

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