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Funktionelle und Tropische Pflanzenökologie - Prof. Dr. Bettina Engelbrecht

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Alvarez-Cansino, L; Zunzunegui, María; Diaz-Barradas, MC: Germination constraints and propagation of the endemic shrub Corema album, a vulnerable species with conservation needs and commercial interest., Natural Products Communications, 12(2), 267-272 (2017)
In this study, we aimed to explore regeneration possibilities of Corema album (L.) D. Don by determining germination mechanisms and testing vegetative propagation methods. We analyzed seed viability under natural conditions, carried out germination treatments and a greenhouse experiment to study clonal propagation. We confirmed that C. album seeds present physiological dormancy, broken by ingestion by natural dispersers (rabbits and foxes), and that seed viability under natural conditions is lost after one year. In vitro germination was better achieved with a 200 ppm gibberellic acid treatment. Clonal propagation proved to be a successful technique for the production of C. album. Treating cuttings with IBA 0.2, w/v, at 20% resulted in the highest rooting percentage, while planting rooted cuttings in a substrate of perlite with vermiculite 1:1 was essential for plant survival. Our results show that both germination pretreatments and cutting propagation are powerful tools for the production of this valuable species. Both methods could be incorporated for population regeneration in natural habitats, and for the potential establishment of the species as a new crop for consumption and pharmacological purposes.
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