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The influence of disturbances and landscape heterogeneity on plant diversity

Martin Alt1, Alexander Ulmer1, Anke Jentsch1
1 Störungsökologie und Vegetationsdynamik, Uni Bayreuth

O 2.1 in Biodiversität, Arten- und Naturschutz

02.04.2009, 13:15-13:30, H8

Evidence suggests that human and natural disturbances interact in multiple ways and that regional biodiversity is maximized. According to the heterogeneous disturbance hypothesis (Warren et al. 2007) manifold disturbances enhance hetrogeneity and therefore increase species richenss. After several surveys on cultural landscapes one of the most heterogeneous regions, a military training area, was investigated focussing the influence of the drill on plant diversity. At Grafenwöhr Training Area an established (Buhk et al. 2007) and extended key was applied to specify disturbances and their temporal and spatial characteristics. Here we outline the methods and show results of the survey.

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