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Quercus robur and Q. petraea: Influence of flooding on stem growth

Annika Kreye1, Gregor Aas1
1 Universität Bayreuth, Ökologisch-Botanischer-Garten

P 2.5 in Biodiversität, Arten- und Naturschutz

In contrast to Quercus petraea Q. robur is found in hardwood riparian forests and tolerates prolonged flooding even in the growing saison. Until now there is no conclusive explanation for the mechanism that causes the ecological difference between these two oaks. The investigation is based on the hypotheses that Q. robur endures a longer period of flooding better than Q. petraea. Two year old seedlings of both species were flooded in an experiment up to the stem base for 39 days. Before, during, and after flooding the radial growth of the stem of all oaks were measured using dendrometers. The results show, that flooded and non-flooded Quercus robur individuals have similar growth rates, while flooding of Q. petraea causes a significant decrease in radial growth.

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