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What is the benefit of this workshop?

The BayCEER Workshop 2009 is meant to foster networking and cooperation inside the Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research. It is a platform where all chairs and researchers active in this field can present their work. This exchange of information is the starting point for further discussions and the establishment of links between different disciplines.


Who should take part?

  • Research associates, postdocs, professors are invited to gain an overview over the actual research foci and methods of their colleagues and to look for new possibilities of cooperation.

    Contributions should preferentially be prepared by those staff members who are actually working on the different objects of research. Please support them in reflecting on their own research methods!

  • Ph.D. students as well as other students and technical assistants interested in the subject are invoked to present their research. The focus of the contributions should be laid on the methods which are used.

    The interdisciplinary exchange provides a wealth of new ideas for your research. A poster or talk at the BayCEER Workshop 2009 is a straightforward possibility to present your work to an interested audience of experts.

  • External guests can use the workshop as an occasion to get to know the diversity of fields in environmental science at the university of Bayreuth and to get in touch with the scientists.

How will the results of the workshop be recorded?

A collection of abstracts will be printed and the contributions can be made available on this website if desired.

More important are the results we hope to obtain in the long run - the links and possibilities for cooperation established in the BayCEER Workshop 2009 should be reflected in theses, dissertations and publications and give rise to new research projects.

last modified 2008-09-26