13th BayCEER Workshop 2021

14 October 2021, 9:00-18:00 - Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III

We thank all speakers and poster authors, session chairs, jury members and all participants for your participation, engagement and different contributions to the workshop!

On this year´s 13th BayCEER Workshop we counted over 140 registered delegates that presented a record-breaking number of 26 talks (between 6 and 15 minutes of length) and 14 poster presentations and in four sessions.

We are very happy that the we had the chance to meet back in person and received lots of positive feedback for this long anticipated face-to-face event. We very much enjoyed the real coffee breaks, poster sessions, live discussions after the many great oral presentations, all the laughter, smiles and applause during the awards session, ...

BayCEER Workshop Award winners for posters...

1. Yuanhu Zhang (Macromolecular Chemistry) with co-authors Tasmai Paul, Valérie Jérôme, Ruth Freitag and Andreas Greiner for his poster: P 5.10 Polystyrene dispersions as model for polystyrene microplastic particles

2. Aileen Jakobs (Ecological Microbiology) with co-authors Elif Gürkal, Anja Ramsperger, Martin Löder and Tillmann Lüders for her poster: P 5.3 Isopycnic ultracentrifugation - A promising approach to extract and resolve microplastics from environmental samples

3. Bettina Haas (Soil Ecology) wih co-authors Maiken Baumberger, Hanna Meyer and Nele Meyer for her poster: P 5.2 A landscape-scale model of soil organic carbon mineralization in space, depth, and time

3. Johanna Schmidtmann (Hydrology) wih co-author Stefan Peiffer for her poster: P 5.7 The influence of iron (oxyhydr)oxides on the surface properties of polystyrene microplastics in aquatic environments

and talks...

1. Laura Wegner (Hydrology) with co-authors Edward D. Burton, Catherine McCammon, Andreas C. Scheinost, Stefan Peiffer, Britta Planer-Friedrich and Kerstin Hockmann for her talk: O 3.2 Mobility of toxic antimony during aeration of Fe(II)-rich waters

2. Madlen Prang (Evolutionary Animal Ecology) with co-authors Lena Zywucki, Maximilian Körner and Sandra Steiger for her talk: O 4.11 Sibling cooperation in a genus with interspecific variation in offspring dependence

3. Julius Seidler (Atmospheric Chemistry) with co-authors Anke Nölscher and Markus Friedrich for his talk: O 1.6 Variability of Airborne Ultrafine Particles around Munich Airport: Preliminary Results from Summer 2021


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