5 Open Poster Session

Chair: TBA


P 5.1 Pia Goecke, Sarmite Kernchen, Martin G. J. Löder, Christian Laforsch, Anke C. Nölscher
Investigating microplastics in the atmosphere around a point source
P 5.2 Bettina Haas, Maiken Baumberger, Hanna Meyer, Nele Meyer
A landscape-scale model of soil organic carbon mineralization in space, depth, and time
P 5.3 Aileen Jakobs, Elif Gürkal, Anja Ramsperger, Martin Löder, Tillmann Lüders
Isopycnic ultracentrifugation - A promising approach to extract and resolve microplastics from environmental samples
P 5.4 Carola Kiene, Bettina Engelbrecht
Fertilization and drought: Is species drought resistance affected by trait plasticity in response to nutrients?
P 5.5 Anna-Lena Prommersberger, Vergara-Sosa Manuel, Rodionov Andrei, Lehndorff Eva
Root architecture and spatio-temporal C-exudation dynamics
P 5.6 Larissa Schierling, Johanna Pausch, Khatab Abdalla, Yue Sun, Max Schuchardt, Anke Jentsch, Eva Lehndorff, Nele Meyer
Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration changes with long-term warming and cooling of grassland soils – a question of carbon stability?
P 5.7 Johanna Schmidtmann, Stefan Peiffer
The influence of iron (oxyhydr)oxides on the surface properties of polystyrene microplastics in aquatic environments
P 5.8 Nicolas Tyborski, Tina Köhler, Franziska Steiner, Shu-Yin Tung, Andreas J. Wild, Andrea Carminati, Carsten W. Müller, Alix Vidal, Sebastian Wolfrum, Johanna Pausch, Tillmann Lüders
Investigating crop rhizosphere microbiomes to identify traits that promote resilience under drought stress
P 5.9 Alexander Weiß, Nele Meyer, Werner Borken, Eva Lehndorff, Anke Nölscher
How landuse impacts soil-atmosphere interactions: A comparison of typical forest and field soils via the observation of monoterpene exchange rates
P 5.10 Yuanhu Zhang, Tasmai Paul, Valérie Jérôme, Ruth Freitag, Andreas Greiner
Polystyrene dispersions as model for polystyrene microplastic particles

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