14th BayCEER Workshop 2022

October 13, 2022, 9:00-17:00 - Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III


We thank all speakers and poster authors, session chairs, jury members and all participants for your participation, engagement and different contributions to the workshop!

On this year´s 14th BayCEER Workshop we counted over 130 registered delegates that presented 12 talks  and 11 poster presentations and in two sessions.

We are very happy that the we had the chance to meet back in person and received lots of positive feedback for this long anticipated face-to-face event. We very much enjoyed the real coffee breaks, poster sessions, live discussions after the many great oral presentations, all the laughter, smiles and applause during the awards session, ...

BayCEER Workshop Award winners for posters...

1. Elisabeth Eckenberger (AtmosphericChemistry) with co-authors Sophia Kraft, Anusmita Das, Deeksha Shukla, Nadine Gawlitta, Orasche Jürgen, Schnelle-Kreis Jürgen, Sklorz Martin, Zimmermann Ralf and Anke C. Nölscher for her poster: P 4.4 Tuning sampling and analysis strategies for UFP: Laboratory and field tests with selected anthropogenic and biogenic marker components

2. Amy Schroeder (Plant Ecology) with co-author Steven Higgins for her poster: P 4.11 Effects of clipping and invasion on African savanna lawn and bunch grass communities

3. Elina Rittelmann (Functional and Tropical Plant Ecology) wih co-author Bettina Engelbrecht for her poster: P 4.10 Can silicon alleviate high light stress in tropical tree seedlings?

and talks...

1. Anna Walentowitz (Biogeography) with co-authors Manuel Steinbauer, Bernd Lenzner, Franz Essl, Nichola Strandberg, Álvaro Castilla Beltrán, Simon Connor, Simon Haberle, Carl Beierkuhnlein and Sandra Nogué for her talk: O 3.2 Paleoecological trajectories of non-native vegetation on islands

2. Nadine Arzt (Disturbance Ecology) with co-authors Andreas von Heßberg and Mani Shrestha for her talk: O 3.5 Competition between honey bees and wild bees - a global literature review

3. Nicolas Tyborski (Ecological Microbiology) with co-authors Tina Köhler,Franziska Steiner, Shu-Yin Tung, Andreas J. Wild, Andrea Carminati, Carsten W. Müller, Alix Vidal,Sebastian Wolfrum, Johanna Pausch and Tillmann Lüders for his talk: O 2.4 Selection of the bacterial microbiome at the soil-root interface compared among varieties of Zea mays L.

BayCEER Early Career Research Recognition - Excellent Doctoral Research

Dr. Saskia S. Klink (Agroecology) Tracing soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal systems
Dr. Sebastian Steibl (Animal Ecology I): Atoll islands as ecosystem replicates: Organization of biodiversity and environmental impact of different human land uses.


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