4 Poster Session


P 4.1 Ines Bamberger, Johann Schneider, Christoph K. Thomas, Anke C. Nölscher
The effect of post-emission filtration systems on urban air quality
P 4.2 Ryan Bartnick, Andrey Rodionov, Eva Lehndorff
Improved plastic detection in artificial soil using offline pyrolysis and TD-GC-MS/MS
P 4.3 Julia David, Anke C. Nölscher
Investigation of the Non-Linear Tropospheric Ozone Production Along an Urban - Rural Gradient
P 4.4 Elisabeth Eckenberger, Sophia Kraft, Anusmita Das, Deeksha Shukla, Nadine Gawlitta, Orasche Jürgen, Schnelle-Kreis Jürgen, Sklorz Martin, Zimmermann Ralf, Anke C. Nölscher
Tuning sampling and analysis strategies for UFP: Laboratory and field tests with selected anthropogenic and biogenic marker components
P 4.5 Bettina Haas, Maiken Baumberger, Hanna Meyer, Leoni Koch, Werner Borken, Nele Meyer, Arne Thomas
A landscape-scale model of soil organic carbon mineralization in space, depth, and time
P 4.6 Aileen Jakobs, Elif Gürkal, Julia Möller, Martin Löder, Christian Laforsch, Tillmann Lüders
A novel approach to extract, purify, and fractionate microplastics from environmental matrices by isopycnic ultracentrifugation
P 4.7 Jacqueline Kaldun, Eva Lehndorff, Nele Meyer
Apple Replant Disease - Which soil properties play a role on regional scales?
P 4.8 Valentin B. Kurbel, Outi-Maaria Sieto, Kristiina Karhu, Sari Timonen, Eva Lehndorff, Nele Meyer
Warming induced changes in the microbiome and carbon dynamics in the soil-plant-system of Vaccinium vitis-idaea
P 4.9 Xingyu Liu, Nakoh Eric, Peiffer Stefan
Phosphorus mobilization and interactions with iron in response to redox dynamics in a drained wetland area
P 4.10 Elina Rittelmann, Bettina Engelbrecht
Can silicon alleviate high light stress in tropical tree seedlings?
P 4.11 Amy Schroeder, Steven Higgins
Effects of clipping and invasion on African savanna lawn and bunch grass communities

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