3 Zooming in: Small scale findings

Chair: Lisa Hülsmann

Thursday, 09:40-10:40, H 36


09:40O 3.1: Shahran Nayem: “Sweet Systemic Immunity”—Eminent role of carbohydrates in plant-pathogen interaction
09:55O 3.2: Franziska Zahn et al.: Do common woody seedlings in the understory of tropical forests exhibit partial mycoheterotrophy?
10:10O 3.3: Alfons Weig: Molecular genetic analyses in ecological research projects
10:25O 3.4: Daniel Thomas: A small sequencer for small organisms: an introduction to Oxford Nanopore sequencing
10:40 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


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P 3.1 Samaneh Bagheri, Corina Vlot-Schuster
Priming of horticultural tomato plants through minor stress applications as a protection strategy against biotic stressors
P 3.2 Lakshmipriya Cannanbilla, Swathi Ramesh, Rashmi Rai, Atulya A, Bettina Engelbrecht, Meghna Krishnadas
Local variation of soil moisture and light in fragmented forests
P 3.3 Elisabeth Eckenberger, Myriam Younes, Tobias Mayer, Linda Bondorf, Manuel Loeber, Tobias Schripp, Sarmite Kernchen, Martin G. J. Löder, Chritian Laforsch, Anke C. Nölscher
On the road again: Tracing Tire Wear Particles in Atmospheric Samples using Chemical Marker Components
P 3.4 Aileen Jakobs, Ryan Bartnick, Eva Lehndorff, Tillmann Lueders
The buried threat below? - Investigating the impact of microplastics on rhizosphere microbial communities in agricultural plants
P 3.5 Thomas Kaupper, Felix Pfaff, Franziska Kreher, Jaqueline Ruecker, Dominique Gampe, Tillmann Lueders
Calcium peroxide-induced elevated dissolved oxygen (eDO) for ecological lake restoration
P 3.6 Alexey Kuleshov, Luisa Hopp
Exploring the Role of the Riparian Zone in Subsurface Stormflow Transformation
P 3.7 Valentin B. Kurbel, Abdalla Khatab, Johanna Pausch
Allocation patterns of carbon and nitrogen between ectomycorrhizal associations of P. sylvestris and fungi with distinct decomposition strategies
P 3.8 Xingyu Liu, Andreas Voegelin, Kerstin Hockmann, Stefan Peiffer
Fe(II)-catalyzed ferrihydrite transformation in the presence of phosphate during redox oscillations: mutual effects on iron mineralogy and phosphate sorption
P 3.9 Veit Rottenkolber, Jacqueline Kaldun, Eva Lehndorff, Felix Mahnkopp-Dirks, Traud Winkelmann
Effects of herbal treatments on ARD-soils considering soil texture
P 3.10 Julia Schneider, Nicolas Tyborski, Benedikt Bartel, Bastian Fichtl, Andreas J. Wild, Tina Koehler, Franziska Steiner, Shu-Yin Tung, Johanna Pausch, Tillmann Lueders
A novel qPCR approach reveals distinctions in abundance of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in roots of Zea mays L.
P 3.11 Mohammad Rahmat Ullah, Katrin Wegend, Derek Peršoh, Werner Borken
Role of fungal hyphae to transfer carbon between deadwood and litter
P 3.12 Milan Varsadiya, Fatemeh Abadi, Blagodatskaya Evgenia, Lueders Tillmann
Enhancing Microbial Carbon Use Efficiency Analysis: Insights from Soil-Free Cell Extract Studies
P 3.13 Markus Winkler, Anna Mareis, Joachim Götz, Klaus-Martin Moldenhauer, Oliver Sass
Changing river dynamics in the Eger/Röslau catchment since the late Middle Ages – investigations using three human induced metals as tracers (Hg, Fe, Sn)

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