Thursday, 12.10.2023

TimeH 36

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 Workshop Opening & Welcome Message
Prof. Dr. Tillmann Lüders, BayCEER Director


"BayCEER Early Career Research Recognition - Excellent Doctoral Research"

Chair: Tillmann Lüders

D 1.1: Gregor Mathes: The role of climate legacies in shaping extinction risk
09:20D 1.2: Carolin Winter: From Trend to Event - Unraveling the Dynamics of Nitrate Export From Mesoscale Catchments Across Temporal Scales

"Zooming in: Small scale findings"

Chair: Lisa Hülsmann

O 3.1: Shahran Nayem: “Sweet Systemic Immunity”—Eminent role of carbohydrates in plant-pathogen interaction
09:55O 3.2: Franziska Zahn et al.: Do common woody seedlings in the understory of tropical forests exhibit partial mycoheterotrophy?
10:10O 3.3: Alfons Weig: Molecular genetic analyses in ecological research projects
10:25O 3.4: Daniel Thomas: A small sequencer for small organisms: an introduction to Oxford Nanopore sequencing

 Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


Morning Poster Coffee


"Thinking sharp: Insights from inbetween"

Chair: Taina Conrad

O 4.1: Khatab Abdalla et al.: Priming effects explains the greater soil carbon induced by the long-term combined application of manure and mineral fertilization
11:45O 4.2: Christopher Shatto et al.: Assessing the resilience of Pinus canariensis stands to sulfur emissions following the 2021 Tajogaite Eruption, La Palma, Spain
12:00O 4.3: Leonie Gass et al.: Next forest generation – mapping current forest regeneration
12:15O 4.4: Alejandra Higa Mori et al.: Climate change effects on arsenic speciation in a paddy soil chronosequence: health and agricultural risks
12:30O 4.5: Jeany Werner et al.: Arsenic in Taro - An overlooked risk?




K 0.1: Claus Bässler: Fungal functional ecology – towards a deeper understanding of fungal diversity

"Zooming out: Evolution, biomes, global trends"

Chair: Steven Higgins

O 2.2: Tyson Terry: Disturbance amplifies sensitivity of drylands to fluctuations in precipitation
15:00O 2.3: Behnaz Arabi et al.: Developing a new index to detect optically shallow waters from multispectral satellite images supported by radiative transfer modeling

Afternoon Poster Coffee

16:15O 2.4: Eileen Straube et al.: Predicting extinction risk by range loss: Evidence from the fossil record
16:30O 2.5: Franka Gaiser: Quantifying latitudinal dynamics of biomes in Europe by unifying fossil pollen records of the last 12,000 years
16:45O 2.6: Vincent Wilkens et al.: Traits to Live or Traits to Die? – Tracing the Development of Functional Diversity in Trees During Cenozoic Climate Change


Come together & BayCEER Awards Session
(Foyer NW III)

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