Daniel Okach OsiekoM.Sc.

Daniel Okach Osieko


Telefon: +49 921 55-2061, +254 724 107 947
Fax: +49 921 55-2064
Raum: B13
e-Mail: kosieko(at)googlemail.com

Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie, Universität Bayreuth
Universitaetsstrasse 30
95447 Bayreuth


Department of Plant Ecology

M.Sc. in Plant Taxonomy and Economic Botany

PhD project title: Impacts of changing precipitaion and land use patterns on the structure and function of the savanna herbaceous layer, Lambwe Valley, Kenya.

Supervisor: Dr. habil. Dennis Otieno

Research Fields:

  • Carbon Balance
  • Ecosystem and Plant Diversity


Field Site installations at Lambwe Valley, near Ruma NP

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