First CREATE Workshop February 2014:

Climate Change, Ecological Interactions, Land Use Management, and Social Impacts

Maseno University Botanic Garden, February 19, 2014

Le Savanna Country Hotel, Kisumu, February 20, 2014


This first CREATE workshop is designed to promote information exchange and organization among consortium members interested in analyses of ecosystem processes and their potential shifts under global change. The research initiatives of three working groups are featured, which examine 1) process controls in natural and anthropogenically impacted savanna, 2) promotion of native as well as adapted horticultural and agricultural crop species, and 3) the natural science and economic trade-offs and impacts that accompany land use shifts between forest and agriculture. Goals are first to consider how to consolidate the efforts on existing projects, and secondly to identify future additional partners that can contribute to “bottom-up” organizational efforts that will ultimately provide synthetic analysis of Kenyan land use systems.

links to: Program , Abstracts, Presentations

Participants of the CREATE workshop at Maseno University Botanic Garden, February 19, 2014


Workshop Impressions...


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