Gertrud SchaabProf. Dr.-Ing.

Gertrud Schaab

Beteiligte Wissenschaftlerin

Telefon: +49(0)721 925-2923
Fax: +49(0)721 925-2597
e-Mail: gertrud.schaab(at)

Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtschaft - University of Applied Sciences
Moltkestr. 30
76133 Karlsruhe



Institute of Applied Research


Working Group G(V)ISЯ as acronym for Integrated Visualisation, Geographic Information Science, and Remote Sensing for Environmental Research


involvement in BIOTA:

Research Aims:

Our aim is:
  • to support environmental research in an interdisciplinary context
  • to combine methods of cartography, GIS and remote sensing in applied research, and thus
  • to contribute to nature conservation and management
We are interested in:
  • applying our skills in very different contexts (e.g. biodiversity research, atmospheric research)
  • developing ideas for new approaches via interdisciplinary cooperations
  • improving the understanding of phenomena at the landscape scale
  • gathering, compiling, and integrating data and information from disparate sources
  • setting-up timeseries for learning from the past in order to look into the future
  • building capacity of people from developing countries as well as of those from other disciplines
Approaches and methodologies applied:
  • geodatabases (considering meta data, geodata quality)
  • Web-based services (geodata visualisation tool including data quality, online geodata-catalogue)
  • cartography (desktop mapping, GIS-based, digital image processing)
  • interactive visualisation tools (Flash, Macromedia Director)
  • customisation of GIS applications / tool development (ArcGIS, ArcEngine)
  • GIS-based model development for simulating changes/processes (ArcGIS, ArcObject)
  • pixel-based multi-spectral image processing (Landsat, SPOT; ERDAS Imagine)
  • object-based image analysis (QuickBird; eCognition)
  • change analysis (including development types)
  • landscape metrics and other indices (e.g. related to fragmentation, disturbance)

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