Evans Atuti Atera: Publications

Atera, EA; Onyango, JC; Thanh, PT; Ishii, T; Itoh, K: Identification of QTL for Striga hermonthica resistance using backcross population derived from a cross between Oryza sativa (cv. Nipponbare) and O. rufipogon., Journal of Agricultural Science, 7 (2), 99-105 (2015)
Atera, EA; Ishii, T; Onyango, JC; Itoh, K; Azuma, T: Striga Infestation in Kenya: Status, Distribution and Management Options., Sustainable Agriculture Research, 2 (2), 99-108 (2013)
Atera, EA; Kondo, F; Itoh, K: Evaluation of intercropping and permaculture farming system for control of Striga asiatica in maize, Central Malawi., Tropical Agriculture and Development Journal, 57 (4), 114-119 (2013)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Response of NERICA rice to Striga hermonthica infections in western Kenya., International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 14 (2), 271-275 (2012)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Farmers’ perspectives on the biotic constraint of Striga hermonthica and its control in western Kenya., Weed Biology and Management, 12 (1), 53-62 (2012)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Azuma, T; Ishii, T: Farmers’ perception and constraints to the adoption of weed control options: the case of Striga asiatica in Malawi., Journal of Agricultural Science, 4 (5), 41-50 (2012)
Atera, EA; Itoh, K; Onyango, JC: Evaluation of ecologies and severity of Striga weed on rice in sub-Saharan Africa., Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America, 2 (5), 752-760 (2011)
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