Advice for speakers

The Audience

The interdisciplinary colloquium is open for all students, junior and senior scientists in the field of ecology and environmental research at the University of Bayreuth, which comprises a wide range of disciplines. Please aim your presentation at a mixed audience with differing level of knowledge in your field.

The Presentation

Presentations in English language are very welcome, as a lot of students and scientists in Bayreuth are from abroad. You may use your own laptop or a presentation laptop on site. Also an overhead projector is still available in the lecture room.
Your talk should take about 45 minutes, it is followed by a discussion in the plenary. Audience and speakder are welcome to take part in the standing lunch snack afterwards.


Please send an abstract until one week before your presentation to Birgit Thies for the announcments.

Arrival and Support

Details of travel and stay should be arranged directly with the inviting scientist. The talks take place in the GEO-building in lecture room H6. You can find a map of the campus on the webpage of University of Bayreuth.

! Summer term 2017: lectures in S21 /GEO-building, until June 1 (H6 being renovated) !


We are looking forward to your presentation!

Upcoming ...

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