Strasburger-Preis für Severin Irl

Strasburger-Preis für Severin Irl


Severin Irl, Department of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth, has been awarded the Eduard Strasburger Award for his 2015 paper "Climate vs. topography – spatial patterns of plant species diversity and endemism on a high-elevation island" in the Journal of Ecology. The prize is awarded every 2 years by the German Botanical Society and Springer Spektrum to a young researcher for outstanding work in the field of botany.

In the Blogpost "Climate or topography? It depends!" Severin Irl tells more about his winning paper.
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Mo. 2017-11-20
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Th. 2017-11-23
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Th. 2017-12-07
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Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten:
Su. 2017-12-03
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