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2023-03-21First comparative study on automated analysis methods of large data sets in microplastics research ...more
2023-03-16New sustainability rating: Impacts of companies, products and services at the center for the first time ...more
2023-03-15Ausstellung: Die dünne Haut der Erde - Unsere Böden ...more
2023-03-02Klimaschutz geht alle an: Weltweiter Aktionstag 3. März ...more
2023-01-30Carnivorous plants change their diet: traps as toilet bowls ...more
2022-12-08Microplastics in human tissue samples: International study warns against drawing premature conclusions ...more
2022-12-05Young scientist at the University of Bayreuth featured as "Highly Cited Researcher 2022” ...more
2022-12-01University of Bayeuth brings together expertise on the topic of soil (5th of December 2022) ...more
2022-11-29DFG extends CRC "Microplastics" at the University of Bayreuth ...more
2022-11-22BayCenSI: Opening ceremony on 1 December 2022 ...more

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BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2023-04-06
Human-Wildlife Conflicts (HWC) in Southern Africa
We. 2023-03-01 now
Main FlussFilmFest 2023
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2023-04-02
Führung | Rosen-Seide & Soja-Kaschmir: Textilien von morgen
Su. 2023-04-16
Führung | Den ÖBG kennenlernen: Allgemeine Gartenführung
Su. 2023-04-16
Ausstellungseröffnung | Die dünne Haut der Erde - Unsere Böden.
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