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2023-07-03Doku Symposium: "Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit im LEP in Bayern" ...more
2023-06-22Plants feed on fungi: Groundbreaking method from Bayreuth enables unrestricted isotope analyses ...more
2023-06-226.1 million data points prove the influence of climate on global fungal occurrence ...more
2023-06-15Installation of a new module for the collection of ultrafine particles on the Zugspitze ...more
2023-06-12In "Science": New study shows dominant influence of climate on vegetation ...more
2023-06-06Macroecology and Biogeography meeting 2023 in Bayreuth ...more
2023-06-06Bayreuth researchers work interdisciplinarily on the elucidation of the Asian tiger mosquito ...more
2023-06-05New study by the University of Bayreuth examines ways to expand nature conservation in the EU ...more
2023-05-30ÖBG Annual Report 2022 published ...more
2023-05-26S4F luden ein: Vortragsabend mit Christian Stöcker ...more

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