2. Biodiversity: Patterns, Function and Protection

p>Biodiversität: Verbreitung, Funktion, Erhaltung

An estimated 7-15 million species live on earth. For the vast majority of them, we do not know who they are, where they live, what they do, how they interact, or how they react to the environment.

At BayCEER, we study present and past biodiversity patterns at various scales and assess the mechanisms driving them. We examine the role of biodiversity for ecosystems and their stability, and we devise strategies to protect species richness for the future. Studies are conducted in controlled lab settings, in field experiments and through documenting natural patterns. We work with plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, we consider genetic, species and functional diversity, and work in a variety of systems from temperate grasslands to tropical forests.

Research in this field:

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BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2024-06-06
Tracking plant diversity dynamics on islands over thousands of years
Mo. 2024-06-10
Arsenic biogeochemistry from paddy soil to rice grain
Th. 2024-06-13
Seeing the forest beneath the trees: Mycorrhizal fungi as trait integrators of ecosystem processes
Th. 2024-06-13
ANL-Dialog Forschung & Praxis: Fließgewässerschutz im Klimawandel
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
We. 2024-05-29
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