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Wirtsselektivität gallinduzierender Pflanzenwespen (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) an Weiden (Salix spp.): die Bedeutung von Phänotyp und Genotyp im Salix alba/S. fragilis-Komplex für die Belegung mit Gallen

DFG DFG GRK 678/1 Projekt 11

From 01/2001 to 05/2006

Principal Investigator: Gerhard Rambold
Staff: Alexandra Kehl

The investigated sawflies are species-specific leaf gallers. Above all, the implication of phenolic glucosides on the number of galls per willow species and individuals is of interest. But also morphological traits, genotype and biotic and abiotic site conditions of the host plants will be investigated as well in natural habitat as in a willow-plantation.

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