Control of physiological adaptations to modified ecological conditions by endocrine signals in aphids

Grako678 A3

From 01/2004 to 12/2007

Principal Investigator: Matthias W. Lorenz
Staff: Matthias W. Lorenz, Klaus H. Hoffmann, Ewald Komor, Willi Seifert

Aphids are able to generate alternative phenotypes as an adaption to certain environmental conditions. Thus, adverse environmental conditions favour the production of winged morphs, which migrate and colonise new host plants. The aim of the project is the analysis of the metabolic and endocrine basic principles of the morph induction in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. Research is focused on the hormonal regulation of these adaptional mechanisms. The interaction of juvenile hormones, ecdysteroids and neuropeptides from the adipokinetic/hypertrehalosemic hormone family are probably an important factor in this context. Adipokinetic/hypertrehalosemic hormones induce the mobilization of lipids and carbohydrates and therefore play a cruical role in flight metabolism. Beside ecophysiological techniques, physiological and biochemical methods will be used.


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