Become a BayCEER member

BayCEER offers its members a wide range of opportunities and benefits:


Prerequisites for membership are

  • Completed PhD
  • Member of the UBT (or secondary membership in Faculty II)
  • Work in the field of ecology and environmental research
  • Interest in exchange beyond your own working group


To apply for membership, please

  • Fill out the application form (log in to owncloud with Bt number and corresponding password)
  • Send form and current photo to the BayCEER Office


To co-finance the service facilities and networking formats, a fixed contribution is charged per working group - regardless of the number of members (3% of the 73 funds, max. 2000 €/a).

If you have any further questions, please contact the BayCEER Office.

Upcoming ...

Th. 2024-03-14
Eröffnung Main FlussFilmFest - Shorts
Fr. 2024-03-15
BNE-Angebot für Stakeholder: Wasserstrategien im Klimawandel
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2024-03-03
Start in die Saison: Aus der gärtnerischen Praxis
Su. 2024-03-03
Vernissage | da capo - Ausstellung von Doris Bocka
Su. 2024-03-17
Führung | Den ÖBG kennenlernen: Allgemeine Gartenführung
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Niederschlag: 0.0 mm/24h
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