Kerstin HockmannDr.

Kerstin Hockmann

Environmental Geochemistry

Phone: 0921-553991
Room: Geo III, Raum 211
e-Mail: kerstin.hockmann(at)

Environmental Geochemistry

Research interests:

  • Redox cycling of iron and sulfur and their impact on element mobility (Sb, As and Cr)
  • Interactions between metal(loid)s and mineral surfaces (e.g. iron hydroxides and iron sulfides)
  • Speciation and mobility of toxic metal(loids) in contaminated soils and sediments
  • Speciation and behaviour of toxic metal(loids) in synthetic products, e.g. Sb migration from baby clothes into body liquids
  • Methods: XAS (S, Fe, Sb, As and Cr), HPLC-ICP-MS, SEM-EDX, Laser ablation ICP-MS

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